Alexander Navarini, Prof. Dr. med. Dr. sc.nat.

Prof Navarini is the deputy head of the dermatology outpatient clinic at the University Hospital of Zurich. As an longstanding immunologist, his main interest is the investigation of inflammatory skin disease. He is performing research focused on identification of genetic causes of inflammatory, especially pustular, skin conditions. See the project and the publication pages for a detailed discussion of all work.

During his whole research career that started in a basic immunology laboratory, Dr Navarini has enjoyed working in a team and was fostered by several great mentors including Prof. Zinkernagel, Hengartner, Aguzzi, French, Barker, Trembath, Simpson and others. His goal was to return this positive experiences and bring talented students into academic science.

Today, a score of young researchers have joined the team and pursue their interest in our laboratory at the University of Zurich. The core team of bioinformatician-biologists are Rebecca Higgins and Adhideb Ghosh – both are looking for genetic mutations causing inflammatory diseases. Several residents and attending physicians pursue clinical investigations including several investigator-initiated trials. We are proud that many clinicians have made their first publications within our framework. Several doctoral and master students are pursuing their medical theses with us.

Equally important to Dr Navarini is creating and growing a network of dermato-immunologists within and around Switzerland that has allowed national efforts such as Swiss registries and guidelines.

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